Rattlesnake Springs Ranch
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Bird Hunting

Bird hunting may be added to any hunting package. Or just come wing shooting.

$750.00 per day for truck, dogs, and guides, as well as bird cleaning

Quail $5.50 per bird
Pheasant $20 per bird.

Discounted rates per bird are offered for large quantities of birds per day.

Whitetail Trophy

These hunts include guide (caping and quartering of animals), fishing (poles and tackle provided); depending on water level will have Rainbow Trout in the fall, skeet shooting (guns and ammo provided), long-range silhouettes, duck and goose hunting during seasons, heated swimming pool and hot tub, an open bar all day, 3 gourmet meals, and games including tennis, pool, ping pong, washers, bean bags, and red neck golf.


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Exotic Trophy Hunts

We have over 30 species that include commons, exotics and super exotics!


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Day Hunts & Hunting Packages

We offer all inclusive hunting packages that include all meals and open bar.

  • Whitetail Hunts
  • Quail, Pheasant, Duck & Goose hunts.
  • Exotic Hunts
  • Big Game Exotic Trophy Hunts
  • Whitetail Trophy Hunts

Complete Game List

At Rattle Snakes Springs Ranch we have a wide variety of Local and International Exotics. We have produced many top 10 trophies in the Texas Wildlife record books.

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